Saturday, October 3, 2015


Does your business have Moral Compass?  How much does it guide you as an individual?  Are you able to contribute to your Business’ Moral Compass?

This week I was reminded a very important about loyalty and tough business decisions.  The lesson I was reminded about was both on a business level and on an individual level.  The really tough part was when the business side was in direct conflict with the individual side.  This is when your individual Moral Compass tells you one thing and your Business Moral Compass may say something else is acceptable.  This begs the question: can there be times when you can believe one way as an individual and your business self can believe another?  I personally don’t think you can.  The phrase “it’s just business” comes to mind.  For me, it is never just business.  I am too passionate and insert too much of my personal life and personality into my business relationships to have the “it is just business” attitude.  I guess my question is, am I wrong to be this personally invested in my business dealings?

Below is an illustration as to why I believe why it is important to combine the SPIRIT and HEART into the ORGANIZATIONAL CHARACTER.  When you have a company with a single ORGANIZATIONAL CHARACTER that is driven by a BUSINESS MORAL COMPASS that is a collective of the people’s moral compasses.  You end up with people who are fulfilling the company vision with extreme passion and that are living up to a single outwardly visible ORGANIZATIONAL CHARACTER that is clearly recognizable and known by all.

Avoiding the “it’s just business” mindset will pay off in ways that free the people within the organization to live up to set of BUSINESS MORALS that allow them to stay proud of where they work and serve a cause and believe in what they do.  Or am I just Naive?   

Tell me what you think.